FreightZone Limited is handling agent for final clients/consignees offering destuffing services FCL (full container load) containers.

Offered services:

  • offloading FCL containers to bonded warehouse with ending relevant customs document (T-1) for container
  • arranging final customs clearance procedures
  • assistance in case customs control/check is requested by customs office
  • Added services:

  • sending arrival notices to consignees in local language
  • providing photo documentation
  • taking dimension & weight of each unit of cargo
  • arranging final door delivery
  • We offer those services to customers/clients which are receiving import FCL containers and are not able to offload them at their premises & need handling support as per individual specific needs.

    Handling capabilities: up to 5000 kg per unit

    ADR - can be handled prior MSDS approval



    NEUTRAL DE-CONSOLIDATION IMPORT SERVICE AGENT offering/securing complex of LCL (less than container load) services:

  • Offloading container
  • De-consolidation of shipments
  • Sending arrival notices to consignees in local language
  • Collecting fees from consignees
  • Releasing shipments on terminal, if needed also against presentation of original Bill of Lading
  • Arranging customs procedures/operations
  • Assistance in case customs control/check if requested by customs office
  • Arranging of destroying cargo under customs regulation if needed
  • Final door delivery of customs cleared cargo/shipment
  • Transport of containers in general (also special type of container - open top or open side) might bring with long offloading time extra/unexpected costs - late return of container to carrier’s terminal. Extra costs (easily up to 1000 EUR) might be charged by carrier additionally when container is at customs stop and customs office is requesting complete customs check of container.

    By using services of professional partner is a solution how to save time and avoid such a problems with unexpected costs with handling containers. FreightZone as a cross dock agent offers professional attitude, long term experience and personal care for your business needs.

    Cross dock terminal of FreightZone is located in the same area as the Prague’s biggest customs office.

    If needed we can arrange transport of your container from port to our terminal by road or rail & road combination to our terminal.

    Assistance and help with customs formalities, also when obtaining import licence & customs formalities (including secure of customs dept towards customs office is available) as we have our own customs consultant available.

    Return of cargo back to shipper in case of claim or any other reason can be arrange- either part of the cargo or whole shipment.

    In long term regular cooperation it’s possible for our partners to use online communication platform, which brings effective & fast exchange of information and documents between partners.


    General information:

  • Customs formalities/essentials
  • Operation rules
  • General conditions
  • Product A

    Our product A is mainly used for clients who order regularly FCL but have no possibilities to arrange off-loading of whole container at their premises. Customers are requesting fast & reliable service to get their cargo as soon as possible at once.

    Once container is delivered up to FreightZone warehouse in Prague on a prior booked slot and customs document (T-1) is provided prior arrival, we offer following basic services:

  • Container is reported to customs office
  • Guaranteed offloading time: 6 hours including ending T-1/obtaining customs permit for offloading process
  • Once offloading process is finished and warehouse check is done, we issue offloading report, at this point cargo is ready for customs procedure
  • Additional services for product A can be arranged:

  • Final customs clearance procedure
  • Door delivery
  • Free storage time up to 7 days including container arrival
  • Product B

    This product is used for customers/clients who import several items in their container and need customs clearance to be done in several parts based on production needs/their own storage capacities. Product B can be also used for clients who need to check quality of cargo first and arrange customs clearance procedure later or in several parts.

    It offers same basic services as product A with added services:

  • Pictures of goods are taken during/after offloading process and detailed report with evidence of dimensions/weight per piece is providing
  • Customs clearance procedure as per instructions given
  • Free storage time up to 20 days including container arrival for continuously customs clearance as per clients needs
  • Palletising of goods
  • Once report is issued and offloading process is finished client has option to choose for which items/units customs clearance should be done immediately and which later or which one should be returned from any kind of reason to be returned to shipper. Under certain conditions return of some goods back to shipper is possible - shipped as LCL by sea freight or here comes also option destroying cargo under customs supervision.

    Product C (samples)

    Product C is used by clients who needs assistance when importing samples for their potential customers.

    We arrange customs clearance of samples & under agreed conditions presentation to clients.

    After samples were presented we can either arrange a sell to client or destroying under customs supervision.

    This product C is special as it gives option for client to accept sample in regards to finalise business in bigger volume.